Breathtec – Hair Technology

New Generation, Breathable Hair Tecnology.

We invite you to meet the quality of breatⓗtec™ with its most natural, comfortable, long-lasting and unnoticed infrastructure.


Breathtec is a new generation breathable hair prostesis technology.

breatⓗtec™ After 16 years of professional experience, passion for the best and years of research, we combined the quality of breatⓗtec ™ products with ONNA HAIR expertise



You look extremely natural thanks to its unique structure. It lasts longer lifetime compared to similar technologies. Truthfully there is no technology like breatⓗtec™! It won’t slip, remove and will not cause allergies.

You can swim, do sports, take a shower and socialize. During all these times you won’t even feel breathtec. breatⓗtec™ does its’ duty and during all these time you can adapt to happiness.