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Female Prosthetic Hair

breattec It is a hair prosthesis that allows your skin to breathe, will surprise even you with its naturalness, and is easy to use and apply.

Curiosities About Female Prosthetic Hair

Prosthetic hair application is performed on both women and men. Women feel more confident when prosthetic hair is applied. We focus on getting maximum efficiency from the prosthetic hair procedures we perform in our company. In this way, all our users feel better and freer.

Prosthetic hair has benefits as well as advantages. There are special hairs designed not to harm human health and to make women feel good. By using natural hair, it has become possible to look like before, shape the hair and hide hair loss. Female hair prosthesis achieves significant success in hiding hair loss.

Halflessness is no longer a destiny, it is a choice. breattec you It brings it together with your hair.

How Should Women’s Prosthetic Hair Care Be Done?

There are factors to be considered when caring for female prosthetic hair. The need for regular maintenance should be met frequently during the application. A regular period should be determined and then the hair should be maintained. When natural ingredients are preferred and care is taken with the right water temperature, the hair can be used for many years.

We always recommend the most suitable methods to all our counsellors. Our clients can follow different care recommendations depending on the hair they have done. For example, we offer different care recommendations for our users with long hair or those who prefer short hairstyles.

Is it possible to care prosthetic hair with natural oil?

Prosthetic hair care can be done with natural oil. The important factor here is the frequency of hair care. When the hair is cared with oil in small amounts and at long intervals, the hair may look more vivid, but if a large amount of natural oil is used and the dose is increased, the hair begins to stick and become damaged.

In order to avoid this problem, the care of prosthetic hair made from natural hair should be carried out under professional conditions. If care is to be taken with natural oil, in this case, attention should be paid to each element from the amount of oil used to the content of the oil and special planning should be made. There are also frequently applied oil types for female prosthetic hair options. These can be applied in small amounts and once a week or once every two weeks.

How Does Prosthetic Hair Look Natural?

We work with experts to make prosthetic hair look natural. Every work we carry out as a brand always starts with directing our customers to the most suitable option. We have prosthetic hair types made from real hair for people who want a natural look. In this way, people both reach natural hair and hide hair loss in better conditions. People who have prosthetic hair do not make extra effort to make their hair look natural. All hair procedures in our clinic are made from real and natural hair.

How to Shape Prosthetic Hair?

It is extremely easy to shape prosthetic hair. The prosthetic hair prepared by our experts with high quality and real materials can be shaped in a short time. Especially if it is paid attention that the material used is not chemical or does not contain high temperature, the hair will be easily shaped. People who pay attention to the suggestions we offer can continue to use their prosthetic hair by shaping it as they wish.

What are the Advantages of Prosthetic Hair for Women?

The advantages of prosthetic hair are extremely high for women. The advantages frequently encountered by those who use prosthetic hair are as follows:

  • Hair loss is hidden in the most natural way.
  • Aesthetic appearance is achieved.
  • Self-confidence increases.
  • You can have natural hair.
  • Maintenance requirements are extremely low.
  • Natural prosthetic hair, which is most suitable for sensitive skin, is preferred.
  • It is an easy-to-implement suggestion.
  • It can be prepared in different styles and styles.
  • The desired shape is easily given.
  • Applicable to everyone.

Female hair prosthesis application has many benefits. Women can benefit from the prosthetic hair we professionally offer to feel better and hide their hair loss.

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