ALOPECIA (Hair Breaker)

breatⓗtec™, hair systems provide solutions for all types of hair problems, from partial shedding to full shedding. Our trained staff will be happy to explain your options and help to provide a solution that really works for your hair problem. Alopecia Call our Onna Hair Hair Center for Alopecia solutions and we'll give you free advice [...]


BEFORE AND AFTER HAIR PROSTHESIS Erşan Kuneri projesinde Onna Hair bizim için çok güzel protezler yaptı, gerçekten karakterlerimize can kattı.Cem YılmazOyuncuOnna Hair ile tanıştığımız günden beri gerçekten yüzüm gülüyor. Genç kadrosu ve anlayışlı ekibi ile her zaman bir numara olacak.Baran ÇalışırKuyumcuEn çok korktuğum ameliyatlarda sorun yaratması idi. Ama hiç bir sorun yok. Kendilerine teşekkürü borç [...]

Some internal diseases and drug use

Some internal diseases; Thyroid gland diseases or medications used for these diseases, , rheumatic diseases, hormones used, slimming pills, adrenal gland diseases, insulin resistance, diabetes, birth control pills, and sometimes the discontinuation of these control pills are other causes of hair loss. If a sudden hair loss has started, the last three months of surgery, febrile diseases, [...]

Nutritional Disorders

Cause of Nutritional Disorder Hair loss due to nutritional causes is another common factor. As a result, the hair is a living organ, and it needs to be fed and blooded. Irregular and unbalanced diet, long-term hunger, uniform diet and high carbohydrate content to consume foods, ultimately affect and shed hair. Although there is no [...]

Breathtec – Hair Technology

New Generation, Breathable Hair Tecnology. We invite you to meet the quality of breatⓗtec™ with its most natural, comfortable, long-lasting and unnoticed infrastructure. Breathtec is a new generation breathable hair prostesis technology.breatⓗtec™ After 16 years of professional experience, passion for the best and years of research, we combined the quality of breatⓗtec ™ products with ONNA HAIR expertise breatⓗtec™You look [...]

Skin Problems

Skin Problems and Skin Diseases Some skin and internal diseases, injuries, scars and burns can also cause hair loss. Most of the skin-borne hair losses is caused by diseases that holds the scalp, affect the scalp. Shedding is inevitable if hair is affected by psoriasis, eczema, acne, lichen disease, over-lubricated skin, fungal diseases, burns, injuries. The [...]


breatⓗtec™ is an hair prosthesis that breathes your skin, surprise you even by its naturalness and is easy to use.   Today, hair prostheses have become one of the most efficient methods used for all problems related to hair loss. It is a preferred method among users because of its immediate effect, aesthetic posture and naturalness, long-term [...]

Genetic Factors

Men's hair loss is generally male-hormone-sensitive hair loss, which is genetic and is seen in more than 50% of the population. This type of hair loss is chronic. . Baldness develops with age. Mesotherapy and PRP therapy, which is started at an early age, may slow down the shedding rate and prolong the time to [...]


Hair Loss in Women and Causes Female pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in women and is generally more common than expected. Hair loss is seen in 25% of women aged 35-40 years and in 50% of women over 40 years of age. 20% of women who have [...]


Chemotherapy For You Hearing cancer can be a devastating and destructive experience that creates fear, anger and uncertainty for everyone. During cancer treatments, hair loss or scalp sensitivity and irritation may occur. Chemotherapy and Us Hearing cancer can be a devastating and destructive experience that creates fear, anger and uncertainty for everyone. During cancer treatments, hair loss or [...]

Cosmetic Factors

Bonding the hair tightly, inner caps, hair-blowing procedures exposed to excessive heat, used to lighten the color of hair dyes, openers, straightening methods, damage hair from the outside and causes hair loss.   0Years of Experience0Happy Customers0Expert Staff

Lupus – What Are The Causes of Lupus?

We are here to solve your lupus-induced hair problems, both full and regional. Make a call, or visit our Onna Hair Center. It's that easy. Get the highest level of service you are entitled to in private rooms that take care of your privacy. What is Lupus? Systemic lupus erythematosus (also called lupus); It is a chronic [...]

No Tape – Hair Technology

Hair Technology is in Turkey Yes, you didn't hear wrong. There is no tape anymore. Try no tape hair technology for more natural and aesthetic appearance. What is the No Tape? More technology develops more we can see new and better products in every field of life. One of these developments is no tape system for hair. [...]

Hair Analysis

Hair loss is a problem that almost all people face during a certain period of their lives. Yeni Nesil Saç AnaliziIndividual hair loss at different speeds begins with pulling the forehead hair line back, thinning the hair in the anterior and top regions, progressing over time to the opening of the entire top region. Due [...]

Hair Care

Prosthetic hair care is not a procedure that will tire the user. It is inevitable that prosthetic hair will be affected by external factors such as air, water and dust like our own hair. Just as we want to have healthy and beautiful hair, we need regular care. Prosthetic hair is the same. The only difference [...]

Stress and Depression

Cause of Stress and Depression No longer the role of stress in hair loss is known. Stress that affects a person's mental health negatively can affect not only the individual but also the environment of the person in the same way. Personal problems, financial hardship, intense work tempo, traffic or even a simple gossip can put [...]

Trichotillomania (Hair Plucking Disease)

breatⓗtec™ quality and ONNA HAIR expertise no longer trichotillomania will be your fearful dream. You are never unsolved to avoid the social and psychological adverse effects of this condition. The system we apply will provide a very natural look and even see with your own eyes and you will be surprised. You will take a shower, [...]


Prosthetic Hair Before and After Click for gallery Breathtec is a new generation breathable hair prostesis technology. breatⓗtec™ After 16 years of professional experience, passion for the best and years of research, we combined the quality of breatⓗtec ™ products with ONNA HAIR expertise. After 16 years of professional experience, passion for the best and […]