Hair Analysis

Hair loss is a problem that almost all people face during a certain period of their lives.


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Individual hair loss at different speeds begins with pulling the forehead hair line back, thinning the hair in the anterior and top regions, progressing over time to the opening of the entire top region. Due to various factors such as environmental factors, air pollution, stress, fatigue, malnutrition, chronic diseases, some used drugs, hormonal causes, genetic predisposition and harmful chemical substances in cosmetic products applied to the hair, the hair quickly enters the rest period and the number of shedding hairs increases.

In order to recognize the people who apply to our center and have hair loss problems, they are asked to fill out a form first. After learning the story of hair to date, our specialists examine the hair follicles with the help of a device.

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Normally, hair in the telogen phase, which has completed its development and has been disconnected from the follicle, is shed. A maximum of 100 hair strand loss per day is considered normal. Shedding above this number is defined as ‘hair loss problem”.

After observing the thinning of the strands and the decrease of the hair, the most suitable prosthetic hair type is recommended. If the application is requested, the process will work as follows.

In male pattern hair loss, the forehead line is usually determined because the forehead line goes backwards.

The mold is made from the spilled area, its hair sample is taken and a design form is generated. Our aim here is to determine the structure and wave of hair. With the help of the mold, your new hair, which is compatible with your own hair in terms of wave, color and density, starts to be produced by human hands. This process requires attention and time. The density details of each region are different. There is a design that you can comb in all directions and you will not have difficulty in shaping. With the specially designed breatⓗtec™ hair system, you can achieve extremely natural and healthy hair suitable for your own hair structure in an average of 2- 2.5 months.

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