ALOPECIA (Hair Breaker)

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ALOPECIA (Hair Breaker)

Shocker, depending on a disorder in the immune system, spills in the form of iron money in the scalp as a result of damage to the body’s own hair follicles. It can be on head, beard, mustache and eyelashes. It is also known as ringworm, alopecia areata or pellet. It is not contagious. The cause of the ringworm is unclear. However, it is known that stress and neural factors are important in its formation. It is one of the autoimmune diseases caused by damage to the immune system.


Why does it occur?

Stress, Sadness, Anxiety, Fear: Stress is the most important factor that causes ringworm problem, depending on the age of the person can be this anxiety and fear. Because this problem is seen in a 3-4 year old child, it would not make sense to say it is stress-based for everyone. But stress is one of the most important factors.

The Immune System Starts War on the Hair Roots: The problems we experience in daily life can cause deterioration in the immune system. In this case, the body sees its own tissues as foreign matter and fight them. The loss of hair or other nerds in our body occurs as a result of cytokine (liquid substance) secretion of cells called lymphocytes.

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What are Alopecia types?

Don’t look at him as his only name in society. It is referred by 3 different names in the medical literature. Rather, it summarizes where the problem is seen. Rather, it summarizes where the problem is seen. Alopecia Areata is the most common word you will encounter and it means that the hair is shed in one or more parts of the hair like a coin. Alopeci Totalis is the state where the hair is completely shed and the scalp is shiny. On the other hand, Alopecia Universalis, causes hair loss all over the body without being limited to hair. Of course, the arms and legs do not draw too much attention can often pass without understanding.

Alopecia Areata (Pellet, Palade):

In this type of Alopecia, hair loss occurs zone by zone and there are bald patches on the scalp.

Alopecia Totalis:

A complete hair loss and complete baldness occur on the scalp.

Alopecia Universalis:

It manifests itself as the loss of hair and nerds all over the body.

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