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breattec hair systems, produces solutions for all kinds of hair problems, from partial hair loss to full hair loss. Our trained staff will be happy to help explain your options and provide a solution that really works for your hair problem.

Chemotherapy and Us

Hearing cancer can be a devastating and destructive experience that creates fear, anger and uncertainty for everyone. During cancer treatments, hair loss or scalp sensitivity and irritation may occur.

We have been trained professionally in the industry and are pleased to offer solutions to assist you throughout the process.

Our Hair Prosthesis Center has created special solutions for people who will undergo cranial radiation or chemotherapy. Our aim is to be with you until renew your hair which is shed during your treatment and to reduce the psychological effects of hair loss.

Hair loss due to chemotherapy varies between individuals. For this reason, you will be served in our private rooms with all your privacy protected. Your personal comfort is ensured and a calm and safe service environment is generated.

Our staff is here for you during your journey. We will work with you until we find the perfect solution for you and your needs. We know how difficult and self-sacrificing duty to make a good fit between the prosthetic hair and the person to be treated, and with this awareness we want to make the transition from diagnosis to the end of the treatment as comfortable and easy as possible for you.

Call us or visit our center in Sisli in order to get more information on our solutions for chemotherapy patients.

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Halflessness is no longer a destiny, it is a choice. breattec you It brings it together with your hair.

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