Prosthetic Hair special
system in Turkey!

Meet the innovative system No Tape Tapeless Prosthetic Hair. For a more natural,
more aesthetic appearance; Try the bandless system!

Prosthetic Hair Before and After

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No tape Hair Technology is in Turkey

Have you met the no tape system? Yes, you didn’t hear wrong. There is no tape anymore. Try no tape hair technology for more natural and aesthetic appearance.

More technology develops more we can see new and better products in every field of life. One of these developments is no tape system for hair. In this system tapes leave their place to liquid adhesives.

These products which are applied on skin are approved by health checks and approved to be applied on skin. It won’t harm your health.

No tape system is very natural that you can see on the right photo which belongs to one of , our customers whom we applied no tape hair prosthesis.

We are happy as much as our customer is. We are waiting you to be part of our happiness. For your questions about no tape hair prosthesis you can contact us. So we can introduce you ONNA HAIR brand which will start a new era for you.

Breathtec is a new generation breathable hair prostesis technology.

breatⓗtec™ After 16 years of professional experience, passion for the best and years of research, we combined the quality of breatⓗtec ™ products with ONNA HAIR expertise.

After 16 years of professional experience, passion for the best and years of research, we combined the quality of breatⓗtec™ products with ONNA HAIR expertise.

We invite you to meet the quality of breatⓗtec™ with its most natural, comfortable, long-lasting and unnoticed infrastructure.

Meet the innovations in the world of breatⓗtec™, a new generation of prosthetic hair treatment Breathtec is just for you! It is produced for your own specifications and measurements.

You look extremely natural thanks to its unique structure. It lasts longer lifetime compared to similar technologies. Truthfully there is no technology like breathtec! It won’t slip, remove and will not cause allergies.

You can swim, do sports, take a shower and socialize. During all these times you won’t even feel breatⓗtec™. breatⓗtec™ does its’ duty and during all these time you can adapt to happiness.

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Founder’s Note

In a very short time, we have made “Onna” brand the best company in the sector in Turkey.
We are at work 24/7 to provide innovative and quality service.


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Who are we?

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ONNA HAIR (Onna Hair Systems Industry and Trade Ltd. Co.) is one of included companies to ONNA corporate group. For years it has been investing in various sectors such as e-Commerce, Architecture, Retail Gold and Foreign Trade.

We have more than19 years of experience in Hair Prosthesis sector. We set out with determination and desire to offer you our customers the most natural, most aesthetic and unnoticeable prosthetic hair, at the most reasonable prices and in a comfortable environment, in special rooms, with the utmost care to your privacy. We are focused on research and technology. Pursuing innovations and bringing the newest technologies to you our dear customers, are our biggest passion.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Hair Prosthesis with the most practical and short description: It is a part that replaces the hair strand or covers the area where the hair falls out or is less dense.

    “Hair Prosthesis” is the process of applying a new and compatible part to the problematic area only for people with hair loss as a result of a disease, partial or complete hair loss, injury or treatment.

    The hair prosthesis is fixed to the scalp with liquid adhesives or tapes. The wig is not glued. It is attached to the head with buckles or elastic bands.

    Hair prostheses are produced individually by taking the head size of the person, which is the most necessary element to achieve complete harmony and naturalness.

    You can swim, do sports, run, shower, blow dry with your hair prosthesis. Since it is fixed, you have no fear that it will leave your head, slip or fall. This is not guaranteed with a wig. It can come off while swimming, you have to wash and blow-dry it separately instead of washing it in the shower, there is always the possibility of slipping anywhere.

    Suitable for all definite cases of baldness in the medium and long term (androgenic alopecia, areata alopecia, cicatricial alopecia, telogen effluvium, trichotillomania and chemotherapy patients);

    You get instant results;

    The price is lower than many alternative applications;

    It is a long-term solution;

    Allows the user to perform all activities in daily life without restrictions (such as sports, swimming in the pool or sea, bathing, sleeping); It is not a surgical intervention;

    If the result is not satisfactory, the process can be started completely from the beginning and a different project can be tried until you find the most suitable hair for you. Or you can give up and continue your life in the old way. However, surgical interventions do not have this chance.

    There are no contraindications (except for those who are allergic to any of the materials used, most prosthesis and care products are hypoallergenic);

    Since the prostheses used in our centre are of high quality and the application is performed by experts, the result you will get will be extremely satisfactory. You may be surprised to see some unsuccessful applications on the internet. However, these results are not surprising at this time when everyone tries to do every job. Because there is no law preventing the entry of irrelevant people into the sector. Here it falls to you to make the right choice.

    All hair applied in our centre is specially produced in accordance with your head structure by taking your cranial measurements. In addition, there is a very common use of ready-made hair in the market. Since we want to achieve the best and aesthetic appearance, we do not use ready-made hair, we always prefer to make personalised designs with measurements.

    Human hair is used in our centre. Moreover, even human hair has a quality scale. We apply hair of the best possible quality and thickness or thinness suitable for the natural hair of the person. Natural human hair will of course give better aesthetic results.

    Synthetic hair is also available as an alternative to natural human hair. However, a natural and aesthetic use cannot be obtained as much as human hair. Synthetic hair is quite shiny and this creates artificiality.