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Cause of Stress and Depression

No longer the role of stress in hair loss is known. Stress that affects a person’s mental health negatively can affect not only the individual but also the environment of the person in the same way. Personal problems, financial hardship, intense work tempo, traffic or even a simple gossip can put the person under stress immediately.

Research has shown that stress can cause many diseases or accelerate the course of disease progression. In addition to many psychological disorders such as depression, schizophrenia and panic attacks; The role of stress in hair loss is only one of the physical ailments.

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The person loses the colored hair follicles due to stress. Stress, which causes the hair follicles to weaken and enter a rapid shedding process, can lead to situations that cannot be easily reversed when it lasts for a long time. The role of stress in hair loss does not differentiate between sexes. In other words, it can be seen in both men and women.

You may see some people struggle with baldness or hair loss even though they don’t have a specific disease or genetic predisposition. If there is no specific nutritional problem, it is necessary to check whether these people are under intense stress because the stress causes the hair follicles to lose their strength and fall out quickly.

It is necessary to be very careful about chronic stress. We experience stress during the day for various reasons. If we turn it into a character or temperament, our body may be damaged soon. The role of stress among the causes of hair loss can be seen in the form of hair weaken and loss. We must stay away from stressful environments and maintain a calm and peaceful mood for our own health and appearance. Intense work tempo is another factor that can stress people and play a role in hair loss beause of stress.

The person who has experienced hair loss should remove the stresses from his / her life if there are no hormonal, genetic or illness-related causes that are determined by the doctor. Learning to change a person’s mood quickly in a positive way will be able to make positive contributions to the person in terms of health and aesthetics.

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